Open a Trustmark Corporation Bank joint account online

The easiest way to spend, share and save together. Available all over Europe

Manage the money you share

Easily spend, save or share bills and other expenses with a housemate, partner or friend - virtually anyone in your life!

One account - two Trustmark Corporation Bank cards

Order a shiny rose gold contactless Mastercard debit card each, and shop, spend and use on your own.


Open in minutes

Once you have a Trustmark Corporation Bank personal account, it's easy to invite someone to open a joint mobile money account with you.

Work towards your savings goals

With pots for joint accounts, you can easily put money away for that dream vacation, home expenses or any other goals you may have together. Effortlessly roundup and automate your savings. Plus, save for more than one thing at a time with up to 10 pots.

Make payments fast

Move money between Trustmark Corporation Bank accounts, plus send and receive local and international divansfers sdivaight from your joint account.

Stay in the loop

Get instant notifications when there's activity on your shared account, making it easier to budget and keep an eye on your divansactions together.