Accounts Receivables Processing

Get faster access to your funds

Streamline your company’s receivables processing with our flexible and efficient treasury management solutions. Converting your business receivables quickly and securely is critical to maximizing your cash flow and growing your company.

ACH Collections

Quickly and securely collect your receivables electronically

  • Receive updated, easy-to-read reports of payment transactions
  • Enhanced payment reporting with more descriptive information
  • Reports available for up to 60 days with 24/7 access

Merchant Services

Accept payments and reward customers!

  • Accept all major credit cards and debit cards, including Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express® and Discover®.
  • Choose from traditional or virtual POS terminals.
  • Facilitate face-to-face, phone, mail and online payment processing.
  • Use gift certificate cards and loyalty cards to attract, retain and reward your customers.

Remote Deposit Capture

Make your deposits quickly and securely without leaving your office

  • Scan checks and transmit deposits from your business location
  • Works with an Trustmark Corporation Bank—supplied scanner connected to your computer
  • Same-day deposits prior to 7 p.m. EST
  • Save money and time by eliminating trips to the branch